Monday, August 17, 2009

Some things

I do have a peice for the egypt assignment. Im late i know.. im hoping to post it tomorrow.

In the mean time heres what I was doing instead.

heres another work in progress still life.
dunno like 10 hours into this

Alot more of the quicker life study... The stuff I really enjoy..
Feel like I learn faster from these.. I can see most of my mistakes.. just try to fix it in the next drawing rather than labor on just one.


Chez said...

beautiful figures and your still life is coming out very nicely. Watch the apples on the right, one is getting lost behind the grapes and the other needs some definition. Post the finished piece!

Niki López said...

:< man, i need to get back to figure drawing. there's barely any places to do it here in Puerto Rico! Very sad times.

Other than that, beautiful motion in your drawings! keep it up.