Wednesday, November 25, 2009

First post.

Hello everyone, this is my first post on this blog.

This is a piece i'm submitting for the throwback show. I don't feel like it's done yet and any suggestions would be appreciated.



Alex Shear Illustration said...

hey niko, this turned out nice!
I would suggest adding more texture, maybe on the woman, and make the phone more smooth looking/plasticy. Also you can probably make a more interesting crop on this, its worth trying a couple different crops just to see. I like the colors and drawing you got going and the monkey has a cute pose.

Drew said...

Yeah you might try cropping out most of her torso and getting a more horizontal composition going. it Might help with the movement of her eyes. I would try to see how much you can crop it and have it still read. Maybe clean up the drawing a bit and try different colors for the line. The blue looks a little dirty in places. I don't know that the texture is helping you maybe take it off her skin completely, or change it's temp. I like the drawing in her face and in the monkey, but I agree with Alex that the phone needs to be rendered smoother. I'd say keep cleaning up the drawing until everything is as nice as the face and cupboards but definitely try out different temperatures for that blue line work.

Tyler Schatz said...

^ what these gents said

also the halftone seems like an afterthought. were you trying to make the actual image halftoned or did you want the halftones to be just hovering around? it just doesnt seem to be fitting into the image anywhere

this is what i mean by the entire image halftoned btw

more of the traditional halftone pattern from the old funny papers

i can show you what i did in GP's if you wanted it to go somewhere in this direction, if youd like to keep experimenting with it sir

its coming along though man, keep at it!