Friday, August 7, 2009

Cold Mountain

Okay, still watching "Cold Mountain" but this is what I've got done so far. Like "The Reader" sketches I'm working with my Pelikan fountain pen, a brush, my favorite burgundy ink, and water. Only difference is, in these, the first one is the only one with the Pelikan, the rest are with a dip pen.

When I do more I'll post'em! Where's everyone else's sketches! LET'S GO PEOPLE! :)


Bombproof said...

holys mokes, awesome!

Watts said...

KIck ass! Hope you are well!

Kenny Callicutt said...

George! You are alive!

Great drawings.

George Pratt said...

Kenny, Watts, and ... who is Bombproof?,

Great to hear from you all. Yep, I'm alive, just barely. Trying to keep my head above water. Glad you like the stuff.



Bombproof said...

Will Godwin is Bombproof. It was my grandfathers nickname in WWII, I'm planning to do a post on him soon!

George Pratt said...

Alright! Will!

Looking forward to some sketchbook craziness! :)


Orlando Sanchez said...

Wow I need to crank out some work! Incredible work George! There is some real emotion in the bottom portrait that I love.

Jane said...

So, I was scrolling down admiring these thinking "woa... someone really like george pratt." :D

Super sick, so glad to see you are still the one and only GP.

George Pratt said...

Thanks, all!

Orlando, which one are you talking about? The wacky dead guy, or the one above it? Just curious.

Now you and Jane (and Trey!) need to do some posting!

Jane, I'll be in KC on the 18th. :)


Orlando Sanchez said...

Hey george,
The one I am describing is the one with his head back full of fear in his eyes just like he is about to die.

drewscape said...

woaw cool