Sunday, August 9, 2009

Insert Reference to The Bangles Song.

Egyptian Wallpaper.

Hello, everyone. Thanks for having me. Unfortunately, my first submission here starts off not so extra-great. This image is only, like, a quarter of what I originally planned but it started looking goofy, so I cut it down. You get the idea though: Historically inaccurate Ancient Egyptian pin-ups with their mummy boyfriends. That old story.

Anyway, enjoy. And if you're interested, I have wallpaper versions in a variety of sizes on my blog.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone has in store for this blog.


Del Rey said...

uuuh this is awesome!

jstarr said...

is she single.

Jordie Bellaire said...

Starr, she's so out of your league.

Great first one, Annie.
I'm super excited to see you here.

Há Fael said...

Really nice!